If You Want Real Change This Is What You Will Need To Do

by | Sep 15, 2015

Acts 1: 14
All these with one accord were devoting themselves to prayer,

How devoted are you to prayer?

If there was ever a day that we needed to get devoted to prayer, it is now! We have such a powerful tool available to us anytime, anywhere and yet we seem to scarcely use it like we should! It is so easy to toss out the words, “I’ll be praying for you”, but do you? I see all over Facebook, “Praying” and I have learned to stop the moment I type those words and pray right then so I don’t forget.

Write things and people down that you are praying about! You already have so much on your mind, if you leave it to chance you will realize you haven’t prayed. Have you seen the movie “War Room”? It is a powerful movie on prayer! If you haven’t seen it I would encourage you to find a way to do it. If you need to wait until the DVD comes out, wait, but do yourself a favor and watch it. You may think if you watch some of the trailers that it is about marriage, but it isn’t so don’t allow the fact that you are single keep you from watching it, it will change your prayer life! We all needed something to shake up our prayer life! You don’t have to have something fancy to write your prayers in, find a tablet of paper and just start writing down anyone and everything you feel God lays on your heart to pray for. If you don’t know what to pray ask God to give you verses for your situation to pray.

Get as serious about praying as you are about anything else in your life! Make it a priority! If we all prayed as much as we fuss over things we would see a massive difference in our lives! Prayer is your greatest weapon, don’t leave it on the shelf!

Send me your prayer requests! I will start posting them again on Wednesdays! I am sorry I dropped that part of our week together. If you have something you don’t want posted then just email it to me but put Private Prayer Request in the Subject line! Let’s all pray for each other and become an army of women (and men) making a difference in each other’s lives and the world around us! My email address is [email protected]

Let’s all commit to praying for our families, our spouses we either have or the one you don’t have yet, pray for the government, pray for the teachers who teach our children in the schools, pray for more people to come to know Him, pray for our pastors…….. the list goes on, but now I need you to get more specific and let’s pray for each other! Let’s come together, devoting ourselves to prayer!

“Prayer is a path where there is none.” Noah benShea