Is God Waiting On You This Time?

by | Jun 4, 2013

Genesis 19:22 “Escape there quickly; for I can do nothing till you arrive there.”

There are times when it isn’t really God you are waiting on it is you.  Obedience must often come first.  You would think that when Lot was told in the earlier verses of this chapter that these angels were going to destroy the city so he needed to leave that he would have grabbed everyone dear to him and would have run for the hills but instead the angels had to drag them out of the city and when they told them to run for their lives to the hills, Lot starts whining, saying he can’t make it that far and they compromise and allow him to run to a nearby village instead.  But this verse is still telling him “hurry up, we are waiting on you!”

What could it be that God is waiting on you for?  Is there something He has been convicting you of and you have chosen to ignore His prodding?  Are you allowing your relationship with HIm to slide because you are too busy?  Is your relationship with your spouse lacking and you haven’t put the energy into it to make it better?  Has He urged you to follow Him in some form of ministry and you are too glued to the money you make where you are and don’t want to leave your comfort zone?  What is it?

If you are waiting on God for answers I would encourage you today to ask Him to show you if there is an area of disobedience or complacency that you need to address in yourself so He can move you on to bigger and better things.  God is always ready and willing to help us recognize any area that we need to grow in so we can have a better walk with him.  Trust Him to bring it all to pass, but do your part as well so you can truly be all you are called to be in HIm.

Quote:  “Your success or failure in life will not be decided by the number of setbacks you encounter, but rather how you react to them.”