Is God’s Deliverance Coming for You or Not? Of Course it is!

by | Sep 14, 2012

Exodus 5:22  Then Moses turned to the Lord and said, “O Lord, why have you done evil to this people?  Why did you ever send me?  For since I cam to Pharaoh to speak in your name, he has done evil to this people, and you have not delivered your people at all.”

I can sympathize with Moses because He was doing what God told him to do and as a result the people of Israel were angry with him and nothing seemed to be happening.  He hadn’t really wanted to do what God had called him to do but he stepped out in obedience and then everything seemed to go wrong and the people of Israel were as mad as striped snakes!  Have you ever been there?

When I first moved to Tennessee from Michigan (some of you have heard some of this before) my daughters were not happy.  I told the ladies I worked with that I had moved with the Israelites because of all of their murmuring and complaining.  It was one of the worst times I have had to face because after we got here one thing after the next went wrong; I lost my job I moved here for, I lost my car, we barely had any food at times and the list goes on for about 6 months things seemed to go from bad to worse and I can remember being asked a ‘few times’ if I was really sure I had made the right move.  It was really difficult but I knew that God was working in our lives during that time and the first couple years were tough but I grew in my walk with God because of all that we went through.

There are times when immediate deliverance isn’t always the answer.  Sometimes the only way for God to show His hand in our lives is to bring us to the point where we have no where else to turn and sometimes the only way to help us grow is to allow life to smooth off our rough edges to make us more like Him.  He does have a reason for all that He allows during these times in our lives and He does have a plan, the key is to not develop a hard heart or bad attitude but to choose to ask for a right spirit and attitude to becomes the godly woman He has created you to be.

If you are “Moses” today in someone’s life and it seems as though as you are trying to encourage and help and things are getting worse in their life just stay strong and know that God will come through and He will deliver them.  If you are the one going through it, once again; stay strong and know God is going to come through in a mighty way in your life and you will be stronger and more like HIm for the experience.  He always has our best in mind in all that He does.  We do live in an imperfect world and we do have things that happen due to other people’s sin or our own so don’t mistake those types of things as God’s doing, but do know that He will still be there for you and He will use all things for your good in the end if you allow Him to.  He truly does love you and the best is yet to come!

Quote:  “Every crucial experience can be regarded as a setback – or the start of a new kind of development.”  Mary Roberts Kinehart