Is It Time to Just Turn the Other Cheek?

by | May 6, 2012

Romans 12:18  If possible, so far as it depends on you, live peaceably with all.

Notice this verse doesn’t say, “once that other woman starts treating you the way she should at work, you can live peaceably with her.” No, it says as far as it depends on You, live peaceably with all.  All means even those people you don’t care for so much or those that intentionally try to get under your skin and cause problems. Remember, sometimes those people are left in our lives as “homework” from God for us so we will be able to fully grasp the Life Lesson He is trying to teach us.  They could be there a long time if your focus is on anything other than behaving as a godly woman trying to live “peaceably with all.”

Now, the nice thing in this verse is that Paul also says, “if possible”.  It isn’t always possible, some people will never be the type of person who is going to allow peace between you.  In a case like that ~ walk away, don’t give them the time of day and determine in your heart that no matter what they say or do, you will not allow them in to ruin your day!  We do have a choice when others push us too far or rub us the wrong way or when they are even just flat out hateful to not allow them to get under our skin and ruin our day.  Stop for a minute, take a deep breath and acknowledge that “that person has a problem, I wonder what brought them to this point in life.” Pray for them and move on with your day.  Don’t dwell on it, don’t allow your mind to focus on anything hateful they had to say, anytime it starts to come to your mind, just pray for God to help you to focus on what you need to focus on and pray that He will help them through whatever it is that has made them impossible to get along with.

Once you have done your part, “so far as it depends on you”, you can rest assured that God can and will move on your behalf.  The verses after this one talk about not seeking revenge but allowing God to be the one who avenges us.  You can trust Him to have your back so do your part and leave the other person to Him.  It does no good to lower yourself to the other person’s level in life and ruin your testimony and your day when God will handle it for you if you will just remain faithful to Him in the way you handle these situations.  The peace you will find in these situations as you learn to let them go instead of getting worked up over it will amaze you and you will have more victory in your days, the affect it will have on others will amaze you as well.  You have enough on your plate, don’t allow the distraction of others poor behavior hinder your progress!

Quote:  “Never lose sight of the fact that the most important yardstick of your success will be how you treat other people.”  Barbara Bush