It’s All About Walking, Waiting, and Trusting…

by | Aug 20, 2023

Psalm 62:1 Truly my soul waits upon God:  from Him cometh my salvation.

Don’t think that just because you feel as though nothing is moving in your situation that God isn’t working.  Hold on to your confidence in His Word and your faith and trust in Him! 

Seriously, if you are struggling with everything that is going on around you and the fact that you are feeling attacked on every side, just stop for a moment and ask yourself; what or who have you put your confidence in?  The same power that rose Jesus from the grave lives in you!  Wow!  That should build your confidence right there!  God loves you and He wants you to succeed in serving and following Him!  He wants you to have victory in your life!  Don’t ever think that I am suggesting that whole “name it and claim it” concept because that is not how God works, that almost always has to do with material possessions and that shouldn’t be our focus.  It is ok to have nice things, but our goal should be to serve God in all that we do so that others are drawn to Him.  One of those ways is how we handle our hardships.  Part of our walk with God is learning to trust Him in the storms and in the wait.

It is easier said than done some days, most days, but that is when you know you are trying to do it yourself instead of giving it all to Him!  He will carry the load, He will give you the strength you need when you need it and He will reveal the truth about your situation, but you must be open to it!  Make sure that you haven’t made your mind up about what you feel needs to happen or what you think is true, make sure that you are open to truly following Him!

Be careful what you pray for!  Are you ready for God’s answer?  If you are trusting in Him then you can walk in confidence when His answer comes!  Are you open to the idea that you could be wrong in what you are thinking?  Are you open to the fact that He has a plan and He knows what is best?  (Jeremiah 29:11). I remember being so frustrated one day when my husband was going to Bible school, we had a 2-year-old and an infant and we were absolutely broke!  I was ironing some clothes and praying that God would do something about our finances because I was seriously at the end of my rope!  (Ladies, I had even washed some cloth diapers out by hand a few days before that because we didn’t have some quarters for the washer and dryer in the apartment complex we lived in). Before I was finished ironing my husband walked in the door!  I asked, “Uhmm…What are ya doing? Why aren’t you at work?”  And he said, “I quit!”  He quit his job!  Oh, my word!  I just looked up at the ceiling and said, “Lord, I don’t think that is what I meant!”  Then I went and grabbed a suitcase and started packing for us to go visit my parents so we could get our heads together!  It all worked out and it was for the best, but the answer came quicker than I thought and it wasn’t anywhere near what I was expecting!

Trust God!  Hold on to your faith in Him and walk in His confidence that the best is yet to come!

Quote: “Adversity causes some people to break; others to break records.”  ~ William A. Ward