It’s Not Religious “Acts”, But It Is Trust That Draws You Closer To Him

by | Jan 1, 2022

Romans 9:31-32,  But the people of Israel, who pursued the law as the way of the righteousness, have not attained their goal.  Why not?  Because they pursued it not by faith as if it were by works.  They stumbled over the stumbling stone. 

There’s no way anyone can perfectly keep the “Laws of God” because of our human nature, but we are still called to live a life that reflects His law and we can do that because of the Holy Spirit living within us.  We will never be perfect living here on earth that is why even Paul said, “I do the things I wish I wouldn’t and I don’t always do the things I wish I would” and he was frustrated with himself.  Often the more you grow in your walk with God the more frustrating that can be, because you want to please Him. The more you learn to trust Him the more you will learn to be like Him.

The way this is worded in the Jewish Study Bible is “However, Israel, even though they kept pursuing a Torah that offers righteousness, did not reach what the Torah offers.  Why?  Because they did not pursue righteousness as being grounded in trusting but as if it were grounded in doing legalistic works.  They stumbled over the stone that makes people stumble. “

In other words, it is not in doing legalistic things that will save you it is only Jesus!  We are called to live a life that reflects who He is in us, but adding to what the Bible says about salvation will not draw others to Him, nor does it save them.   Only He can draw others to Him and He wants you to be His hands and feet.  He wants you to show others His love and the peace that can only be found in Him by learning to trust Him. 

Allow God to work in your life and the lives of those you love.  When someone gets saved think about how long it was for you to learn God’s ways and remember that not everyone learns the same way or in the same timing.  Don’t add a bunch of religious things to what God is asking, that is what Paul tried to get through to the Jews.  We are to strive to be like God and we are to ask Him to help us grow into all He created us to be, but it comes in learning to trust Him.  

Choose to allow God to work in you so you can be a light to those around you.  Speak the truth in love, but don’t try to be the Holy Spirit in someone else’s life.  Ask God to help you to trust Him and what He is doing in your life and the lives of those you love.

Let’s start the New Year off by determining to Pray and Trust Him more!  Grab a notebook and start writing down everyone and everything you need to pray about each day.  Keep a journal of your prayers and the dates of the answers to your prayers!  See what He does in your life this year and if you write it down then on December 31st you can look back and you will grow in your trust and faith by seeing all that He has done and is doing.  

Righteousness doesn’t come through legalism, it comes in learning to walk with and trust God!  He desperately wants you to learn to trust Him.  When you can’t see what He is doing, you can know that He is working and He is trustworthy!  He loves you!  Strive to know Him and trust Him and that is where you will find His peace and His best.  

Quote:  “A woman is like a teabag.  You never know how strong she is until you put her in hot water.”  ~ Eleanor Roosevelt