It’s Time to Get Serious About Prayer

by | Oct 31, 2018

1 Thessalonians 5:17. “Pray without ceasing”


So, how is your prayer life doing lately? Are you feeling as though you are really connecting with God and seeing the change in your life that comes through that close walk with Him or, are you feeling as though life is so heavy at times that you don’t even have the energy to pray?

I tried that excuse with God one morning when I was expecting something that should have been here that day and it wasn’t and I was fussing about it to Him. I felt some conviction about the fact that the situation was really important and I just took for granted that God would make sure it was there because He did before. So, I tried to reason out the idea that I didn’t feel good and I had been so busy that I just hadn’t had the energy to hardly lift my head to pray over some things. After all, I prayed all the time, but at that point, it wasn’t the way I would normally. So, God reminded me of the energy I had to pray that afternoon: I had to take Bill to the airport and the closer we got to the airport the worse our brakes were getting on the truck. When Bill pulled up at the airport and pushed his foot all the way to the floor to stop, he said, “drive careful, that doesn’t feel like there’s anything left.” Hmmmmmm……. nice, it’s only a 35 minute drive when it isn’t drive time but of course, it was 5:30 PM, the worst time of day to be coming out of Nashville and heading south. Ugh! I played with it a bit to figure out what I needed to do on the way out of the airport (thank you God for a Daddy who taught me an awful lot) and got started. Bill called after he got through security and I just happened to look down at the gas gauge and asked him if he realized there was barely an 8th of a tank of gas, which of course he had no idea it was that low because we had plenty when we left home. It must have been the traffic and “fun” braking that took the extra gas. Oh well, no problem, right? I’ll just have to stop and get some…… wait! I didn’t have my purse with me! “Well, Lord, this is Janet….. you know the one who has been too tired to have the prayer life she normally has? The one who has been coasting just taking for granted that you will take care of everything without my asking or communicating about it? Uhm, Yeah, well PLEASE, get me home with no brakes, and the fumes of gas I am traveling on! You are an amazing God and I know we can do this!” Woohoo! Where did all of that energy come from? No energy to pray? Seriously girl, tell me you haven’t used the same excuse, because it doesn’t work!

There are no excuses for not having the prayer life you should have with God! There’s never a time when we should take it for granted that God is just going to do something because…….! God loves you and wants to hear from you! He wants you to spend time with Him and not just when you are in an emergency! Trust me, you don’t want Him to have to get your attention in order to get you to pray! Talk to Him, Spend time with Him! Take the time to praise Him for who He is and then tell Him what is on your heart, make sure to be thankful for all He has done and all He is about to do in your life. Start today, don’t miss another day with Him, don’t miss another blessing, give Him everything you have been trying to carry alone! Talk to Him!

(On a side note; when I got about 5 miles from home, I realized that my phone was almost dead too ~ all I could do at that point was to laugh and pray harder! Too funny!)

“Do what you can with what you have, where you are!” Theodore Roosevelt


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