Joy Comes In The Morning

by | Feb 25, 2013

Psalm 30:5b

Weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning.


God promises to bring us joy in the morning when our sorrows have overwhelmed us.  It may be something little or it could be something really devastating but God promises to always be there.

Here in Middle Tennessee it is the beginning of storm season and that means there is a good chance that there will be tornadoes especially when we hear that they are still getting snow up north and it is often in the 60’s here during the day.  When those two fronts collide nothing good comes of it.  While I sit here watching the weather in case we all needed to get in the pantry I have wondered why the worst storms seem to come at night when you can’t see anything coming.  That is probably the biggest frustration as you sit and wait with all of your senses on alert while your body is crying out for sleep.

That is exactly how life is too; it seems as though our worst storms come at “night” when you can’t see what is coming and you get run over by the tornadoes of life that leave you feeling totally wasted emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually!  It’s times like that though that we are forced to totally rely on God because He can see the whole picture even in the “darkness of life”.  I hate the feelings of helplessness that I feel when it feels as though life is just swirling around me and I can’t seem to get a grip on any one thing to stop it all but I know that is when I need to stop the frantic efforts and allow God to take control.  He is the only one who can calm the storm in your life.  If a tornado was headed for your house I seriously doubt that you would run out to try to stop it and it is the same way with the struggles in your life.  Ask God what it is you need to learn from the situation and count on Him to calm your storm and to shine the “light of day” on you again.  Morning will come and God will restore your joy and will bring fullness to your life that you have never known if you will just rely on Him to bring it to pass.


“Courage does not always roar.  Sometimes it is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, “I will try again tomorrow.”  Mac Anderson