Ladies Bible Study for Saturday, December 17th

by | Dec 17, 2011

Psalm 50:23    Whoever offers praise glorifies Me; And to him who orders his conduct aright  I will show the salvation of God.”

Over and over God talks about praising Him and being grateful to Him by thanking Him for His goodness.  Notice here He mentions praising Him first and then having the right behaviors.  That could be because it is much more difficult to have a bad attitude when you are praising God.

It would be difficult to praise God for your health, or your job, spouse, family, home and His goodness and at the same time grumble over being asked to work overtime.  There is always something we can be grateful for remember Paul when he was in prison?  He sang songs of praise and worship glorifying God after being beaten and thrown into a cold, damp prison cell.

Our lives are quite often based on our perception of them.  I know I can be going along thinking our finances are rough or I get frustrated over the crazy schedules or a simple cold or flu and then we go on a mission trip and I see people that might make $25 a month and they live in a shack with bare necessities if they are lucky and yet they are so happy to know Christ!  It’s like the other day when I asked my grand daughter Abby if her nose was running and she said, “no, it’s just leaking.”  To me after the umpteenth times of seeing her wipe her nose, it was running and we needed to look for an antihistamine and to her it was just a little leak.

Spend some time this weekend looking around for things to praise God for!  Let’s all offer up our sacrifice of praise to bless Him and honor Him!

Quote:  “Gratitude conserves the vital energies of a person more than any other attitude tested.”  Hans Selye