Ladies Bible Study Friday, June 10th

by | Jun 10, 2011

Psalm 42:1

As the hart panteth after the water brooks, so panteth my soul after thee, O God.

How addicted are you to reading your Bible or going to church or going to a Bible Study?  The more you do something the more you have a desire to do it, that is what addictions are all about.  We usually see addictions as a bad thing and well, most of them are but to have an addiction to learning more about God would be a great thing!

Bill has started exercising, well running to be exact, he started with a program called the couch to 5k and he has been doing this for several months now and when he started out he dreaded every run.  He called me the other night and now things have turned around where he has to make himself not exercise so his body can have a day off!  As crazy as it may seem it is the same way with reading your Bible.  If you aren’t reading it on a regular basis when you first start it can be tough to read more than a few verses, but that is ok the desire will increase the longer you continue.  Recently I felt led by God to start studying a particular book of the Bible, yes studying.  I have to admit I asked God if He was really serious, I love to read but studying has always been something that I never quite fully understood.  In High School, I got good grades and I never studied I wasn’t really quite sure how or even why I would want to “study”.  But, I got started reading this book and I asked God to show me just what He wanted to show me and asked Him to show me how to “study” and the more I have studied the more I just can’t wait to get to it each day!

If reading your Bible seems difficult to you or maybe it is a casual event that doesn’t seem that important to you right now please let me encourage you to start.  It is absolutely amazing how much God can and will show you if you seek Him daily in His word.  Let’s face it, reading your Bible everyday is really the only way you can fully get to know Him.  He has put so much information about Himself in writing for us why would we take that lightly?  It is like a dear friend of ours (Dick Sommer) once said to Bill and I when we were visiting and having coffee with him and his wife Carol (my mentor) trying to absorb some of their wisdom, “The Bible is really God’s journal and He has given it to us so we can know all about Him”, once again I ask, how can we take that lightly? I encourage you to start today, wherever you are in your personal relationship with God and the studying of His word try to increase it just a little.  Ask Him for direction and He will give it to you. 

Quote:  “When you have a choice and don’t make it, that is in itself a choice.”  William James