Ladies Bible Study Friday, November 18th

by | Nov 18, 2011

2 Timothy 1:7   For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love and of a sound mind.

Have you been feeling as though there is something you are supposed to do but you don’t have the confidence to even start?  Is there a nagging inside you that tells you there is something you should pursue but you are too fearful?  Maybe you are afraid that you will fail, or maybe you are afraid of what others will think.  Whatever the case may be, God has not given you that fear!  If God has called you to something He will give you all you need to do it!

I have had things I have felt I was supposed to do that for some reason I just can’t seem to get past the wall of “this will never work, it will never amount to anything.”  Those thoughts are not of God, they are lies from Satan!  The only way to get past those lies is to replace them with the truth of God!  Pray and ask God to show you His truth about your situation and then write those truths down and read them each day until you have overcome them!

God has given you the abilities to do whatever He has called you to do, there’s no reason to fear.  You can move forward in the confidence that He is able to bring it all to pass.  God has built within you the abilities already, some may need to be refined but He is willing to guide you through to the other side.  He has called you to success in whatever He has called you to do so lean on Him, pray for guidance and expect great things!  Don’t allow fear to rule your day anymore, go in God’s grace and love knowing He has created you to do great things for Him!


There aren’t nearly enough crutches in the world for all the lame excuses.  Marcus Stroup