Ladies Bible Study Friday, October 21st

by | Oct 21, 2011

Ecclesiastes 3:1-2

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens: a time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to uproot,

There is a reason for everything and a time for everything just like this verse says our job is to stop and realize what season we are in.

Do you feel buried right now by what life seems to be throwing at you?  Maybe you have lost a job or your marriage is falling apart or maybe one of your friends or your children are heading down the wrong path and you aren’t sure you can handle it all right now.  Let’s stop here for a minute and figure out; are you buried or has God planted you?

Once there was a couple who had this wonderful black lab and even though he was 4 years old he still bounced around as though he was just a pup, getting into everything and continuously seeming to get into some kind of trouble.  Well the neighbors had complained on many occasions that the dog was coming into their yard and disturbing their children’s bunny that was in a cage on their back patio.  The young couple tried so hard to keep him contained and had even put in an invisible fence.  Well one day as Susi was cleaning the kitchen she heard Boomer scratch at the back door and as she opened the door much to her horror all of her fears of what Boomer could be capable of loomed in front of her!  There he stood wagging his tail covered in dirt and fur, holding their little bunny in his mouth.  She quickly grabbed the bunny and knew right away that it was dead.  She was horrified and decided to do the unimaginable, she just couldn’t have the neighbors find out that their dog had killed their bunny it would create all kinds of havoc between them so she washed the bunny up, blew dry his hair and when she saw that the neighbors were gone rushed over and propped it up in the cage with the hopes they would just figure it died of natural causes.  Susi spent the day feeling a bit guilty and sad about the whole situation but what else could she do?  That afternoon when the neighbors came back home all seemed to be well and Susi thought her plan must have worked when there was a pounding on the back door.  There stood Mrs. Williams holding the bunny in her hands hysterical and screaming, “you have got to help me!”  Susi wasn’t sure whether or not to just cough up the truth when Mrs. Williams said, “Look at this!  Just look at this!  Our rabbit died yesterday morning and we buried it in the back yard and when I got home today he was back in his cage!”

You see the Williams family had “buried” the rabbit, they didn’t expect it to spring back up, they hadn’t planted it.  Sometimes when we feel buried God has really planted us and unlike the bunny He is anticipating new growth and life for us!  Don’t let your circumstances get you down today.  Ask God to show you today for the encouragement and insight you need through this season so you can bloom into everything He has planted you to be!


“You can’t wait for inspiration you have to go after it with a club.”  Jack London