Ladies Bible Study Friday, October 6th

by | Oct 7, 2011


Psalm 46:1    God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.”

One of my biggest struggles in life is to let go and just trust God to take care of certain areas of my life.  I struggle at times with trust and from my findings, most women do, most of us have suffered wounded hearts and trust doesn’t come easy.

Maybe the area you are struggling giving to God is your children; do you feel like it all rests on you for them to turn out right? I am blessed to have a wonderful Godly Mom, not that she did everything right but I remember walking into my parents bedroom one night and my Mom was on her knees and I heard her praying for me.  I wasn’t doing anything wrong at the time, I think I was only about 13 but she wasn’t waiting until I did!  She knew that the influence of a parent only goes so far in this day and age and she knew that if I were going to accomplish my purpose for God He was going to have to intervene.

I also remember at one time while I struggled financially thinking that I couldn’t afford to tithe, once again I was relying on my own strength and abilities.  The truth is I can’t afford to NOT tithe.  When I didn’t tithe it felt like no matter how much money I made there was never enough and when I did tithe I couldn’t figure out how things always seemed to work out financially.  I remember having the preacher and one of our deacons look over my finances for me because everything was so tight and they both told me they had no idea how I was paying what I was paying, there just wasn’t enough money coming in.

Let’s face it ladies, we all want that Knight in shining armor and God would like to be that for us!  If we will just allow him to be our refuge and strength and our help in times of trouble then when someone else comes along and blesses us it will just be icing on the cake!  There isn’t a person on this earth that can meet all of our needs and God made it that way so He can be that for us and anybody else he blesses us with in our lives is just there to add to what God has already done!


“Wisdom is knowing the right path to take – integrity is taking it.”   N.H. McKee