Ladies Bible Study Monday, February 20th

by | Feb 20, 2012

Proverbs 15:4    The soothing tongue is a tree of life, but a perverse tongue crushes the spirit. 

There are so many verses in the Bible about how our words affect us and other people.  “A soft answer turns away wrath.” There are verses about bridling our tongue like we do a horse because the power in that little muscle is amazing, it can change lives for the good or the bad.

I keep praying that God will help me to become more like Him and to grow daily in ways that I need to grow.  I am learning to pray less for God to change everyone around me and ask Him to change me instead.  Ladies, it is so important for us to forget about changing anyone but ourselves, God isn’t always just going to change that other person even if they are wrong in what they are doing because He doesn’t override our free will.  The burden God seems to be laying on my heart lately is to be more loving, every where I turn my studies seem to keep coming back to having a sweet spirit and a loving tongue.  It is so much easier to complain or snap out a judgment on someone else, trust me especially if you have bottled up all of your hurts and frustrations instead of giving them to God.

Do you ever get to the point where you feel so bad for yourself because of the way someone else is behaving that you decide that you are just going to hang onto it because obviously God isn’t going to “fix them” or “punish them” enough to take care of the hurt brought on you?  I am not saying you aren’t justified in your hurt but I will say that you are bringing on more hurt by hanging onto it instead of giving it to God, asking Him to heal your heart and work in you to bring you to a place where those things just don’t matter any more.  Who you are in Christ is truly all that matters!  Do you know who you are in Him?  Do you see yourself as the princess of the King of Kings?  Do YOU see yourself as beautiful because you are God’s creation and He sees you as lovely and beautiful and He wants to heal all of your hurts?  He knows that others will at times say and do things that will sting and can pierce your heart with pain but if you will shield your feelings with what He thinks of you instead of others those darts Satan has for your heart will never make it through!

We cannot give the love of God away if we are not allowing the love of God in!  You cannot rely on the love of another person to completely fill you to the point of your being the successful woman God has called you to be, there isn’t a person on earth that can fill the void in your heart.  God created that void just for Him, the question is will you allow Him to fill it?  Don’t believe Satan’s lies, he wants you to be defeated and for you to feel worthless and unlovable.  Satan hates truth, he hates love and he hates you because you were created by and for all of those things.

God is making His appeal to the world through us!  Does anyone want what you have?  I encourage you today to ask God to show you areas you can allow His love and His truth about you into your life.  Stop fighting it and stop confirming Satan’s lies.  Choose today to allow God to love and care for you to a level you have never allowed before so it can flow through you in a way that will draw others to Him.

  • Choose to live with purpose, giving out of your surplus of love and compassion to those you will encounter along the way. Wherever you are, let it be your mission field. Your smile may bring hope. Your hello may bring encouragement. Your touch on someone’s shoulder may bring them peace. Your compliment may lift their spirit. Your telling someone that they are valued and loved could save their life. ~V Askew Hall~

Quote:    “If you judge people you don’t have time to love them.”  Mother Teresa