Ladies Bible Study Monday, January 30th

by | Jan 30, 2012

Mark 7:29-30  And he said to her, “For this statement you may go your way; the demon has left your daughter.”  And she went home and found the child lying in the bed and the demon gone.

There are more often times when we need to take our hands off a situation and give it to God than there are times that He needs our help to work in someone else’s life.  Stop trying to change people!  We can fret and moan and nag and complain to try to change someone else and it more than likely is never going to happen.  God is the “people changer” not us, we usually cause more harm than good by trying to change others.  In this ladies case she was dealing with the “extreme”, her daughter was possessed by a demon and Jesus didn’t even go to her house to cast it out, He just told her that it was done because of her insistent faith.

Don’t live your life focused on someone you feel needs to change, ask God what needs to change in you.  It is easy ladies to get so caught up in what is wrong with someone we are close to that we neglect to examine ourselves.  We can be easily distracted from what God has called us to do by allowing what is going on in someone else’s life to consume us.  I have faced my share of people that have overwhelmed me with their behaviors and problems and have wasted time and energy consumed with how that person should change and it was all for nothing, then there have been times where I have given it and them to God and have been able to live with the peace of knowing that whether or not that other person changed wasn’t my responsibility and it didn’t have to affect me if I didn’t allow it to.

Sometimes there is a reason that God leaves a person in our lives that just tries our patience on every level and instead of asking him to remove or fix them we need to ask what we are supposed to learn from the situation because until we learn it nothing is going to change.  I am convinced from what I have seen over the years that the best prayer we can pray is “Lord, change me!” not my husband, or children or neighbor or friends and coworkers – change ME.  I know it is tough and frustrating because we look on and wonder how God “puts up” with some people but it never occurs to us that someone else may be looking at us and thinking the same thing.  Ouch!

Pray today for God’s leading and direction and pray that He will give you the right prayers and attitudes for the lives you touch.  Pray for His attitude and heart for others and for the ability to know when you can help and when you just need to pray, you will find great peace when you fully allow Him to be in control and trust Him to do what is best for you even when it comes to changing people around you!


“The bee is more honored than other animals, not because she labors, but because she labors for others.”  St. John Chrysostom