Ladies Bible Study Saturday, April 16

by | Apr 16, 2011

Job 27:4

“My lips will not say anything wicked, and my tongue will not utter lies.” 

 I would imagine you ladies are the type of friends that a friend can always count on to give compliments and say the right thing at the right time.  You are sweet and caring the vast majority of the time with your friends, family and acquaintances.  You follow this verse and you aren’t hateful in your speech and you do your best to tell the truth with tactfulness.  In the south I have learned that women can say almost any truth as long as they add, “Bless your heart”, it cracks be up but it is true.  “Bless your heart dear, your hair looks like a tornado came through and ran you right over, bless your heart!”  (Be sure to add the 2nd “Bless your heart” if it is really harsh truth.) BUT, my question for you is this; have you mastered the art of self put downs in order to seek the compliment from your husband, family or friends?  I know I have at times and it is wrong!

I have had my days where I want a compliment so bad because I am feeling so blah about myself I am willing to say things like “wow, I look hideous today!”  Now I may mean it, I may truly not like what I see in the mirror that day, we all have those days but whose speech am I agreeing with?  Those are certainly not the creator of the Universe’s thoughts!  God made us beautiful and yes we all have days that we may not look and feel our best and trust me some days you don’t look any different you just have a different set of hormones raging through your body so you are seeing through the eyes of maybe a little more or less estrogen but you are still God’s creation and He made you beautiful.  When we say those types of things we are agreeing with Satan and giving him a foothold on our self esteem – nothing good comes of those negative comments about yourself.

If you are going to vow to be more careful with your tongue the best place to start is with yourself!  What you say and think about yourself has a direct impact on how you behave and how you treat others!  God doesn’t smile upon your fake humility as the one who created you!  Jesus sees you as beautiful and it is like a slap in the face to Him when you put yourself down.  You should talk to yourself as you would a very close friend.  Would you look at your best friend and say, “wow, your arms sure are jiggly, look at that?”  “What a pig! You shouldn’t have just eaten that piece of chocolate cake!”  “How stupid can you be?”  You wouldn’t have a best friend for long if you talked to her that way so why do you talk to yourself that way?  When you have those thoughts cross your mind recognize they are from the devil and rebuke him and tell him, “HA! God made me beautiful and I look great today so back off!”

I choose to use Affirmation cards when I struggle in different areas like this.  I write down the truths I need embedded in my brain or I type them up and print each affirmation on business card stock and carry the stack with me.  When I start to feel down in those areas I pull out those cards and read them out loud over and over so Satan knows I am choosing to believe truth instead of his lies, plus your brain will retain those statements better if you are saying them out loud to yourself.  (Example: I am a beautiful woman!  I am enough!  I am a woman of God) Make sure your statements are positive so it says I will or I am not I will never…. Etc.  That is very important.

You can have victory in this area and it will bring so much more peace and happiness to your life and the lives of those around you.  What you think and say about yourself are directly connected to how you feel and what you will accomplish in your life so take control of those words today!

Quote:  “You become what you think about.”  Earl Nightingale