Ladies Bible Study Saturday, December 3rd

by | Dec 3, 2011

Proverbs 18:21  Death and life are in the power of the tongue

Our thoughts and words are so powerful, there are never-ending quotes about how powerful our thoughts are and quite obviously the spoken word is even more powerful according to this verse.

I was at a conference years ago and the man who was speaking was trying to make a point about how powerful your thoughts are not only toward yourself but to all those around you!  His overall message was to help us change the way we thought about our selves so we could be more successful in our business but he was making the point by showing us how powerful a thought toward another person was.  He lined up eight people on stage and had them turn their backs to the rest of us, there were about 250 people there and he would walk behind them and with each person he would either give us the thumbs up or thumbs down behind their backs and if it was up we would think all kinds of nice things about that person from the color of their hair to their clothes or if we knew them anything we could think of positive about them and when it was thumbs down we thought everything negative we could possibly think about them.  All eight of them could tell us every single time which way it went because they could feel it!  Wow!  I was impressed!  No one spoke a single word during that process except for the people up front telling what they felt, how powerful are your thoughts?

How careful are you with your words when you look at yourself in the mirror or you are speaking to your friends, spouse or children?  If you are having difficulty in this area I would encourage you to begin with yourself!  What do you say to yourself on a regular basis that you need to stop?  Are you slamming yourself because of areas of your life you aren’t confident in?  Anything we do to ourselves will carry over to those around us so it is important to begin by getting in agreement with God on who you are in Christ!  You are a child of the Most High God, God made you with incredible potential so get busy and figure out what that is.  God made every one with a purpose, pray and ask Him to show you your full potential for Him!  God has His hand on you so don’t give up hope for your future, stop speaking the lies of Satan and agree with God that you have a hope and a future in Him and take a look around you to see who else you need to be speaking the truths of God to so they can become all they can be for Him.  Be careful, think twice before you say anything and be sure that what you are about to say or think is from the Lord!  Start practicing it today!


“If you want to get the best out of a person you must look for the best that is in him.”  Bernard Haldane (Ladies, that includes yourself)