Ladies Bible Study Saturday, July 23rd

by | Jul 23, 2011

Isaiah 26:4

Trust in the Lord forever, The Lord is the rock eternal.

Trust can be a difficult thing once we have been hurt.  As women we have hearts that we quite often wear on our sleeves especially when we are young and sometimes by the time we are a “little older” we have grown to protect our hearts and have taken them off our sleeves and have built walls and protective barriers around it so no one can ever hurt it again.

I know personally I have at times allowed Satan to tear me up inside with all of his suggestions and lies about what either “could be or what might come to pass”.  Now, if you notice I am not saying that he is taking something I know to be true and expounding on it, he takes my worst fears and turns them into something that doesn’t exist and yet still hurts my heart if I allow him to.  Satan hates the female heart!  He hates that we are compassionate, tender and are fully capable of bringing out the best in the man in our lives.  He knows just like he did in the garden that if he can destroy us as women then he can have the opportunity to get at the man in our life as well. 

The key is to not put all of the responsibility of trust into other people’s hands but to focus on putting our trust in God.  We cannot change others and we cannot make them protect and love us, but God does that without our even asking.  If you will trust Him then you know that whatever Satan does bring your way that God will give you the strength to get through it.   

It is very difficult to let go of past hurts and to let go of trying to control how protected our heart is but in all reality we are not really protecting anything we are just living in our hurt.  Pray today with me that we will all have the wisdom to know what we need to let go of today and give it to God.  That we will have the strength to do what we are called to do and where we don’t have strength we will just know that God will carry us through if we are fully relying on Him to do it!

Quote:  “A sense of humor snuffs out our sparks of friction before they get to our fuel tank.”  Fred Smith