Ladies Bible Study Saturday, July 30th

by | Jul 30, 2011

Psalm 8:9

“O Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth.”

 So, how’s your prayer life?  I know you are probably thinking, “What does this verse have to do with my prayer life?”  It has everything to do with our prayer lives!  I have been praying for God to teach me how to go deeper in my prayer life because I feel like I am missing something in my “fast food prayers.”  And well Ladies, I have been missing out on a lot!  I truly believe in always keeping the door open for prayer throughout my day where I can pray to God about things as they come to mind, I believe that goes along with the verse in 1 Thessalonians 5:17 that says, “pray without ceasing” but that isn’t enough.

God has really impressed on my heart that I need to set aside time, other than just standing in the shower to pray.  I need to take the time not only for my devotions but I need to focus in on time to pray.

It was with great sadness that I realized that what I was missing in my prayer life was really the most important part – praising God for who He is!  I have been reading in Job lately and it is truly a tough read but when I got to the chapters where God decided to talk to Job and he was comparing the simplest tasks God does and the overwhelming power He has over things that frighten us and defeat us, I realized that the key to success in any area of our life and especially in our prayer life is to remind ourselves of who is in control and who you are talking to! 

Prayer must start out by praising God for who He is, His majesty and His power and whatever else He brings to your mind about Him!  My daughter asked me the other day why the great men of God always started out their prayers by going on and on about How mighty and powerful and great God was before they prayed; well my first response is because He deserves our praise and then God impressed on me that it is even more for us because as we realize the authority, power, grace and love of God as we speak it, it will increase our faith so we have the ability to pray in faith believing God hears us and is a Great God capable of handling anything we bring to Him.

If you struggle with the praise part of your prayers then start out by reading a psalm at the beginning of your prayer, there are several proclaiming how amazing God is you could even start with Psalm 19.  Ask God to reveal more of who He is so you can praise Him better and trust me He will!

God loves us and longs to communicate with us both through our devotions and through our prayers.  Don’t miss out on any level of growing in your communication with Him.  Start right now by taking a few minutes to just praise God, you can even just turn on some praise and worship music to get you started each day.

Quote:  “It’s not your position in life; it’s the disposition you have which will change your position.”  Dr David McKinley


  1. Linda

    Good morning Janet. Job has always been a favorite of mine. I did a bible study on it a few years ago. We can sure learn alot from him. My biggest take away was that no matter what Job had to deal with he never turned his back on God. Sure he was at God. Sure he questioned God. Sure he demanded answers. But he didn’t give up on God. I think that is something we need to hang on to. It’s ok to be mad at God. It’s ok to question God. But stay faithful to Him. Hang in there during the tough times. He’ll come through in His own time.

    • Janet

      That is so true Linda!! Have a blessed day!