Ladies Bible Study Sunday, August 14th

by | Aug 14, 2011

Psalm 42:8

By day the Lord commands his steadfast love, and at night his song is with me, a prayer to the God of my life.

Who do you turn to when you feel no one cares and there are very few you can trust?  If you aren’t careful you will turn to the wrong things or the wrong people when you hit times like that.  God created us with the desire for relationships and more often than not they are good but everyone has those days, weeks and months where it just seems as though we are on our own without another human being in site who cares.

I know as women it is often difficult to shake off the feelings we have about God “loving us” because as women if we are not the only one loved we have a tendency to not feel loved.  He loves us – yes, but He loves everyone!  The key here is this; God is bigger than that and it is important for us as women to see that.  God truly loves you as if you are the only person on earth!  He wants to show you all of the little things He does for you on a regular basis if you will just slow down a minute and truly accept that, “yes, He did that just for you.”  This may sound a little corny but I remember looking at a sunrise one morning and thinking of how beautiful it was, I was thinking wouldn’t it be cool if that sunrise were just for me but I knew there had to be multitudes of people seeing the sunrise and enjoying it as well.  I know I’m sounding selfish to just be looking for something He would do that was an expression of His love just for me, “here Janet, look at this, I knew you would enjoy this.”  Then the thought hit me, “what if He does make it just for you or me, we all see it as stunning but we see it through our own eyes and He knows just exactly what sunrise it will take to bless you or me!  He is the God of all creation and He will look for ways to bless you if you let Him, just don’t miss them because you don’t think He is capable of loving only you!

Allow God to fill your heart, mind and soul with His love today and His song for you tonight!  Open your heart to His healing, don’t waste another moment.  Wounded hearts are His specialty and He will love you through whatever you are going through today.


“If you get up the courage to begin you have the courage to succeed.”  David Viscott