Ladies Bible Study Sunday, August 7th

by | Aug 7, 2011


Ruth 3:11


And now, my daughter, do not fear.  I will do for you all that you ask, for all my fellow townsmen know that you are a worthy woman.


People talk, whether good, bad or ugly, people always talk about other people and your reputation matters.  Whether you are a politician, teacher, preacher, housewife or a single mom people talk.  Now, let’s face it not everything they say is always true, but it is the overall reputation that will stick!


Ruth was known for being a woman that the people in the town felt deserved respect and honor.  Her reputation preceded her so when it mattered she had nothing to explain.  When Ruth chose God back on the road from Moab to Bethlehem it became evident in her life.  Is God that evident in your life?


It is amazing to me that everyone can be so quick to jump on any little thing that you may do wrong and it is so difficult to be known for doing what is right, but this verse is evidence that if we are careful to be the women of God we are called to be the evidence will be in our corner.


It is our responsibility as women of God to let Him shine through us all the time, not just when we think no one is watching or when it is convenient!  A good example of this is the school our son is going to this fall; they tell the students that they are representing the school at all times and that they need to be careful how they behave in and out of school and on their facebooks, phones etc.  They are held responsible for their behavior at all times, not just when there are authority figures from the school present.  The difference would be that God can see you all the time and He knows just exactly how you behave 24/7.  We need to be women of God through and through, the same person on Sunday – Saturday, at church, at work and at home.


My challenge today is for you to be real!  Be a real woman of God with all of  your being, no time to be someone else, just be who you are in Christ!  Grow in Him every day until all they see is Him shining through you!


Quote:  “You can’t be a smart cookie if you have a crummy attitude.”  John Maxwell




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  1. Kyalisiima Doreen

    so wonderful for this great work of yahushua’ blessings to every one.