Ladies Bible Study Sunday, June19th

by | Jun 19, 2011

Psalm 68:5

A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows is God in His holy dwelling.


Father’s Day and Mother’s Day are great days to give recognition to our parents.  Unfortunately not everyone has a parent they feel like celebrating for the influence they have had in their live or maybe the lack of it.  I was blessed with an incredible Dad that loved me very much.  In fact when he passed away one of my friends summed up very well the loss I felt, “it isn’t just losing someone you love so much, the overwhelming hurt comes from losing someone that loved you so much!”  That is so true!

My children on the other hand were not as fortunate, their Dad wasn’t active in their lives and when he was it turned out to be often more negative than positive.  My son wrote a poem that I will share with you and it stemmed from my claiming this verse for them and one night when he was really struggling with the fact that he didn’t have a Dad that he felt really cared I shared with him that God has promised to be a Dad to those who don’t really have a Dad here on earth.  Maybe that is you or maybe that is someone you know.  I remember the football game my son’s senior year where the coach let Brian play offense so he could experience getting a touch down which was a “dream/goal” he had but never thought it would come to pass because he played defense.  The team really got behind getting him in there for a touch down and on the third drive in as he was laying under a pile of football players just on the other side of the goal line he thought, “my dad is actually here tonight and I got a touch down!” and then he felt a voice inside him say, “no he left a few minutes ago.” And Brian said to himself, “no, I saw him here and he will be so proud of me now.” And he heard “no, he didn’t see it BUT I did and I am proud of you!”   Brian’s walk with God has been different since he was able to grasp God as his Dad so in that moment he knew that his Mom of course saw his touch down and was excited beyond words for him AND his Dad in heaven shared that moment with Him as well!

God wants to be there for you today and he wants to be there for that single Mom and her children today.  My son also calls me every Father’s Day to wish me a Happy Father’s day to this day even though he is a Dad himself.  If you haven’t had a great Dad in your life I would encourage you to look to God and ask Him to help you to allow Him to fill that void in your life.  If you have had a great Dad and want to celebrate him today I would encourage you to find a single Mom today and maybe give her the encouragement to push on, buy her lunch today or if you are a man or know a man that can get involved in a child’s life that doesn’t have an active Father start today. 

A Father to the Fatherless

By Brian Trstenjak (13)


Father, how come I don’t have

Someone to play ball with?

Why did my friends have to teach me how to play baseball?

Why can’t everything be normal again?

Father, why is my Mom alone?

How come other Mom’s

Have someone to talk to, but mine doesn’t?

Why does my Mom cry every night

After she tucks me in?

Father, why do I feel so alone?

How come my friends have someone

To watch football with, but I don’t?

Why is there only one name signed

On all of my Christmas and birthday cards?

Father, maybe I am not so alone after all.

Maybe I do have someone to talk to

Or ask for advice.

You may not be here physically,

But God who could ask for a better Dad than you?