Ladies Bible study, Sunday October 23rd

by | Oct 23, 2011

Joshua 4:24
That all the people of the earth might know the hand of the Lord, that it is mighty; that you might fear the Lord your God forever.
This verse was from Joshua’s speech to the Israelites after they crossed the Jordan and they were stacking the 12 stones for a memorial for people for generations to come to know what God did.
It is important to have pillars like that in your life!  I am not saying you need to go out to your back yard and make your family members stack rocks, but there need to be stories to remind you and your family of the victories in your lives.  I mentioned in a previous study that I put dates and notes beside verses in my Bible that remind me of victories and struggles in the past that encourage me.  My son came into the kitchen one night (he and his wife and son were staying with us while they looked for a place when the first moved to TN) and he was holding up a few new Bibles he bought for him and his son Brian.  (He has a tendency to collect Bibles)  He was telling me that I need to buy one like the new one he had because it is wide margin and he knows how I use my Bible.  The point is though that it is a part of the heritage I want to pass on to them so they will be able to see the victories in their own lives too.
We have stories from the past that we talk and laugh over like the time that we prayed for a pizza after church one Sunday night because I just couldn’t eat Mac & Cheese again and low and behold my sister brought over a frozen pizza to share.  (You might want to pray more specific – I’m just kidding that was the best frozen pizza we have ever had)  It is important as a family to share and remember frequently the victories that God has given because it is what helps you get through the rough times.
One of my favorite phrases in the Bible is; “and it came to pass” it didn’t come to stay, it came to pass.  You will get through it and once you do, write it down or set up a way to help you remember how God brought you through!
“When we choose not to focus on what is missing from our lives but are grateful for the abundance that’s present we experience heaven on earth.”  Sarah Breathnack