Ladies Bible Study Tuesday, February 14th

by | Feb 14, 2012

“Let those who are wise understand these things. Let those with discernment listen carefully. The paths of the Lord are true and right, and righteous people live by walking in them. But in those paths sinners stumble and fall.” Hosea 14:9

Driving home late one night writer Marvin Minton was startled into alertness by vibration and an abrasive humming noise. Instantly aware, he corrected his steering. He said, “The rumble strip on the edge of the road had warned me that I was off course and headed for the ditch. The rumble strip saved me from an accident and possible injury. Rumble strips save lives by helping drivers stay in their proper lanes.”

Hosea never wavered from the path of God’s love. The heartbreak he experienced in his marriage didn’t deter him from following God. In his pursuit of God’s love, Hosea found redemption for himself and his family. It is important to remain faithful no matter what your circumstances are.

There is never a time in life where it is ok to decide to let your guard down in areas God has steered you away from.  If you have had difficulty with drugs, alcohol or maybe attractions to someone you know God wouldn’t approve of, then the worst thing you could do would be to intentionally put yourself in a situation for those things to be a temptation again.  Stay as far away from the limits God has set for you as possible, don’t just ride on the edge of the rumble strip for the thrill.

These verses are pretty clear and it is your choice whether or not you want to live a life that raises the bar on your standards so to speak or to set yourself up for a fall.  We all need to make the conscious decision to live a life of righteousness it doesn’t just happen.  Start today and ask God to show you any areas you need to change your path on and for the strength to do it!


“The time for action is now.  It’s never too late to do something.”  Carl Sandburg