Ladies Bible Study Tuesday, July 5th

by | Jul 5, 2011

Romans 8:29

For whom he foreknew, he also foreordained to be conformed to the image of his Son that he might be the firstborn among many brethren

 If you are having difficulty finding the will of God for your life I would say to start here with this verse.  The will of God for us first and foremost is for us to be conformed to the image of Jesus.  Just exactly how does that happen?  It starts with getting to know who He is by spending time with Him!  You will never get to know Him or be like Him if you don’t spend time with Him.  Have you ever seen a little old couple that has been married for years and you could swear they even look alike or even crazier are the pictures of the people who have spent so much time with their dogs that even they look alike?  (I am kidding about the dogs; I am not sure why they look alike)  It is the same with God, the more you spend time with Him the more you will look like Him.  The more you spend time with Him the more you will want to spend time with Him.

Spend time in His word to get to know Him better and I would encourage you to also pray for Him to show you any areas that your attitudes need alignment with His, for example most of us as women need to adjust our view of ourselves.  We need to line up what Jesus has to say about us with what we are saying about ourselves so we can have a mindset that is ready to move forward in our walk with Christ.  Pray too for God to show you any opportunities that you may be missing to show His love to others.

It takes effort to get to know someone and I know a lot of people are satisfied with just getting by in their relationship with God.  They treat their salvation as though it is nothing more than “fire insurance” to keep them out of hell and anything more than that is just too much effort.  Oh, how much they miss by not taking the opportunity to spend time with God.  It is impossible to walk in victory without walking with Him and being conformed to His word and who He is.

Victory is yours for the having today and the will of God is right in front of you so start now and seek Him with your whole heart so when others look at you they are amazed at just how much you look like Him.  My prayer for each of us today is for each of us to daily start to look more and more like Him as we walk through this journey together.

Quote:  “Passion is born the moment you catch a glimpse of your potential.”  Fred Smith