Ladies Bible Study Wednesday, January 11th

by | Jan 11, 2012


I want to be one of those women that when I get up in the morning Satan says, “Oh darn, she’s awake”!!!

Acts 4:13b  and they took knowledge of them, that they had been with Jesus.

The only way to defeat the devil in our lives is to spend more time with Jesus!  The more confident we are in who we are in Christ the easier it is to recognize the lies Satan tries to tell us. Lies like; you are too needy or your are too much, you aren’t pretty enough, you can’t accomplish that etc. etc etc.

Satan attacks you because he is afraid of you and what you might accomplish if you realize all that God has enabled you to do!  He doesn’t want your “stuff”, he wants to steal your joy because your strength is in your joy! If he can keep you down and feeling like you have somehow failed in ANY area of your life he has a foothold that you have to stomp on!

Prayer and being in your Bible are essential to having victory in any area of your life.  Jesus didn’t just goof off the rest of the time and then when he needed to raise someone from the dead got into a big prayer meeting!  He prayed daily and walked daily in the authority God gave Him.

When you know you are in Christ you don’t have to try to take authority, you will walk in it!  God has already built within you everything you need to become the woman of God He has called you to be!  The best is yet to come and you will get there.

If you struggle with believing the lies Satan tries to fill your mind with take the time today to sit down and write them out and for every lie write a positive truth to tell yourself every time the lie comes to your mind! Trust me, I need to do and will do the same thing!  I keep hoping that one day Satan will give up and quit, but today isn’t that day, he seems to love to beat me up.  The key is NEVER give up, make him wish you weren’t awake!


“Decision is the spark that ignites action.  Until a decision is made nothing happens.”  Wilfred A Peterson