Ladies Bible Study Wednesday, June 29th

by | Jun 29, 2011

Psalm 42:5

Why are you cast down, O my soul and why are you in turmoil within me?  Hope in God; for I shall again praise him, my salvation


Do you ever have those days where for some reason you feel as though you’ve been beat up emotionally, spiritually and mentally before you even got out of bed?  It can be difficult to get a jump start on the day when you feel as though someone has removed your starter (your hope for the day).  Obviously David had those days as well according to this verse.

I love this verse though because it gives us the answer for the problem – our hope needs to rest in God no matter what has brought us to this point!  God will make it right, he will speak to the hearts that need to be spoken to, he will make your paths straight this morning that seem to be winding in directions that have you confused.  When our hope is in Him and Him alone then it is more difficult for someone to rob us of our joy and our hope!  It’s when we have placed our hope in people or things that we can be on a roller coaster with a blindfold on never quite knowing what is coming next and not knowing if we are able to handle it.

I have had days where I am not even sure why I was down before I got started but I have found that some praise and worship music, reading my Bible and pouring myself into something positive can turn even the worst of days around!  I would challenge you today that when you have these days and we all do at times to remember this verse and put all of your hope in God, pray and ask Him to turn things around, turn on some praise music, read your Bible and surround yourself with people that will help bring you back to life!

Quote:  “The way you see your future determines your thinking today.  Your thinking today determines your performance today.  Your performance in the today’s of your life determines your future.”  Zig Ziglar