Ladies Bible Study Wednesday, May 4th

by | May 4, 2011

2 Chronicles 7:14

“if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

We are at a critical point here ladies.  We as Christians have been complacent long enough and it’s time for us to take our walk with God seriously and to a whole new level.  Satan has waged a war against us and he is attacking on every level possible it is time to take it seriously and stand up and fight.  Complacency in Christians seems to be our biggest hindrance in this fight, we don’t want to rock the boat, but do you have children, or nieces or nephews or even a small child you like because what we do or don’t do now ladies will affect the world they live in tomorrow.  It is important to give them a godly heritage to show them that there are definite things that are right and wrong and that it is right to stand up for what is right.

We are not all called to go out and picket the streets so that is not what this is about.  In fact this isn’t even really politics I am talking about!  This is every day life, walking with God in a way that shows you are His child.  Making sure that your “yes” is yes and your “no” is no and that right is right and wrong is wrong every day so when others including small children around you see you they know that nothing wavers in your beliefs and in your home you have chosen to do right and to follow God on every level.

Satan knows that the way to take a country is to start with the home.  It is time to take our homes back!  Maybe you know a single young Mom who isn’t quite sure what to do with her baby or her life; maybe you could pray and ask God for direction in mentoring her.  It is so important for the older women to teach the younger and that doesn’t mean you have to be 80 to teach you can just be a little older but God could have given you wisdom in an area that will benefit. 

It starts with you.  We can’t change other people only God can but God can use your example to work in others hearts and lives by you living the life He has called you to live.  Live it like you mean it, none of this mamby pamby stuff.  Set your heart today to stand on what you know is right and if you are uncertain in an area then look it up, find a godly person who can show you in God’s word what is right in that situation and then apply it in your life.  If we start taking back our homes and teaching the young people around us we can be the change this country needs.  If you look at other countries like Iraq they start teaching small children how to be suicide bombers we need to get back to embedding in our children across America about God and the importance of living for Him!

I am praying today for our families and children across America that we will fight for our families and for what is right on every level and guess what – it starts with me and you!


“If what you believe doesn’t affect how you live, then it isn’t very important.”  Dick Nogleberg