Let Us Pray For You On This Monday

by | Jan 18, 2016

prayer iconLadies, another week begins.  I know many of you are facing a lot of things as we enter into another week.  Some are dealing with finances, jobs, family issues, perhaps your marriage, health or some other challenge.  Satan loves to make us feel like we are walking alone.  You don’t have to walk this hard time by yourself.  Please take a minute and share with us your prayer need.  Women from around the world will begin to pray over your prayer request as soon as you post it.

No doubt, life can be hard at times and yet God can gives us the strength to make it through.  I am so excited about our prayer room here at Chocolate and God. Thank you for posting your prayer needs and at the same time, thank you for praying over prayer requests when you see them.

Have a great week and remember, the best is yet to come.  CLICK HERE to post your prayer requests.

Happy Monday,

Janet Scott