Let’s Get Moving ?

by | May 9, 2015

Numbers 14: 33
And your children shall be shepherds in the wilderness forty years and shall suffer for your faithlessness, until the last of your dead bodies lies in the wilderness.

God was not happy with the Israelites because He had told them to go in to possess the land but they were afraid of the people in the land. As many miracles as they had seen happen on their behalf to deliver them from the Egyptians and to sustain them in the wilderness they were not budging when it came to facing their giants in the land God had promised them. Now their children that they were so concerned about becoming a prey in the promised land would suffer because of their decision not to go in and possess the land.

Our choices affect more than just us. Maybe you don’t have children, your choices affect those around you. Think of the story of Jonah; when he got on that ship to run from God they ended up having to throw their personal belongings and other things overboard. When there are decisions you need to make, seek God before you jump in or run. Has God asked you to do something that doesn’t seem very appealing to you and you are wanting to run? Sometimes it seems as though life would be easier if we just moved…… or maybe I should find a job instead of serving God this way because I am not really making enough money. Make sure if you are wanting to make a move that it is God driven, not just circumstance driven.

On the other side of this though; has God called you to something but you are trying to push it out of your mind because you are afraid of the change or maybe the “giants” you will face? Has God asked you to move and you know it but you are afraid to move your children out of their schools, away from friends and family? Once again, be sure it is God who leads you. Don’t move on a whim because someone said, “Ethiopia needs missionaries”, seek God first and He will open the doors and He will burden your heart in the direction He is leading. If He says go, then by all means don’t let anything hold you back ~ your “best is yet to come” is on the other side of going!

God has a plan for you, I know I beat Jeremiah 29:11 in the ground but, it must be taken seriously for your sake and for those around you! God is good and He wants His best for you but that will only happen when you follow Him and you are obedient to His call!
So, in closing, whatever God has called you to……. Go for it, trust Him and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the best is yet to come! God Bless!

“If what you believe doesn’t affect how you live, then it isn’t very important.” Dick Nogleberg