Let’s Read! Here are some of my Favorites along with some for the kiddos!

by | Aug 10, 2011

It is a gorgeous day here in TN and a great day to start planning out the Fall and Winter reading!  Bill and I are working at Starbucks today, I am actually praying we get a office of our own soon.  We are taking advantage of our time together to work together while he is home because the Fall schedule is quickly approaching!  Pray for us as we write this next book that it will truly be from God.

Now, before I start in on the books I have to tell you about one of my daughter Candace’s favorite movies for children that I have to admit I always loved when she was little as well.  We still have a couple of the VHS that we play for my Granddaughters and Candace and I laugh all the way through them!  Look for Little Dogs on The Prairie the last time I checked you could still order them at Lifeway and Books a Million.  They are great Christian movies for children and they always have a great message within the story as well.

The Berenstein Bears have been awesome since they first came out many years ago and now they even have a Christian flavor, mentioning God in their lessons which are now written by Stan and Jan’s son!  If you haven’t checked them out they are really worth a look!

As a woman you are a precious gift of God to the world, fulfilling a purpose that only you can fulfill. This book will help you realize your infinite worth and value so you can confidently become all that God intends for you to be and do all that He has called you to do!  You can order it athttp://www.joycemeyer.org/ProductDetail.aspx?id=000163

The Day Satan Called, written by my husband Bill Scott is an amazing true encounter of a time over 20 years ago that he had trying to help a witch escape a Satanic Cult.  He and his wife at the time took her into their home and well about the only way I can put it is that all Hell broke loose in their home.  It is a story of the Spiritual battle that exists not only in the “obvious form” of witchcraft but in our everyday lives with the struggles we face on a daily basis with addictions, broken marriages and troubles with our children, etc.  The power of God is brought to light in such a powerful way in this story it will encourage you in your every day fight against the powers of darkness.  We can choose to not think about it or talk about it but the battle exists that is why the Bible makes it clear in Ephesians 6:12-14 that we need to put on the armor of God before we start our day.  You can preorder this at http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_i_0_20?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=the+day+satan+called&sprefix=the+day+satan+called

Now, on the lighter side, one of my absolute favorite speakers and authors would be Patsy Clairmont:

This book contains 61 short, funny stories. Each story takes just a few minutes to read, but it’s message will keep you thinking all day. Patsy takes everyday happenings and translates them into lessons to be learned. This best selling book will keep you laughing.  You can find it at www.amazon.com

I really hope you have an incredibly blessed day!

God Bless,

Janet Scott