Looking Back…What Might You Be Missing

by | Sep 29, 2021

Deuteronomy 32:7,  “Remember the days of old, Consider the years of many generations.  Ask your father, and he will show you; Your elders and they will tell you:”

There are things from the past that need to be left there and not dredged up again, but there are things that need to be remembered.  If you grew up in church or were raised by godly parents, what were some of the things that they tried to tell you or required of you that you felt were absolutely ridiculous?  Were there standards that they had or routines that you have tossed aside as an adult that if you look back now and remember them you can possibly see the value?  Maybe it was your grandparents or another relative that you thought was a little “overboard”. Could it be that if you look back now you can see that they were just following God?  It’s time for Christians to take a look back in the Word of God and see ~ what are we missing in our walk with Him?  There are so many distractions today, what have you allowed to take over your home, and what things do you need to go back and grab and instill in your home today?

As I was unpacking some boxes, (it’s funny how you think while you are packing that you are marking boxes so well that surely you will know what is in them and then you open them wondering if you just marked the wrong box or what) I came across a bunch of things from the past.  There were several things my Dad made and one thing that my son had made with my Dad for me when he was little.  As I was looking them over and dusting them off because they had clearly been in the attic, I decided to make a wall of remembrance.  I have a long hallway that I wasn’t too sure if I would put anything on it even though it looked so bare, I couldn’t figure out what on earth would work there, but this is great!  I can walk down that hall and remember how much my Mom and Dad loved us and the detail and love he put into everything he made and it just blesses my heart.  As I think about those things though, I can also think of the things that my parents did over the years trying to instill in us godly character and habits:  Reading a Bible verse after dinner before we could be excused from the table and seeing my Mom pray by her bed for us before she went to bed, taking us to church Sunday morning,  Sunday evening, and Wednesday night, and then if there were any special meetings…. They were trying to instill the importance of God in our lives.  Every generation seems to let something slide and that hinders that next generation who will also let something slide with their children and low and behold here we are today wondering how the world became such a mess.  I guess it’s pretty obvious!

Take some time today and ask God what you may have let slip that should be brought back into your family’s life or if you are single into your life.  Instead of letting go of those things take the time to add those back in and look for more things that maybe your parents have missed.  Dig into the word of God and allow Him to show you traditions and standards that are missing so you can fully follow Him and find His blessing and favor and even more importantly, lead others to Him.  Seek Him with your whole heart.  Take the time to remember so He can do a new thing in your life today.  He loves you and there’s a reason He wants you to remember today, don’t miss out on it.  Trust Him to guide you into becoming all He created you to be.

Quote:  “It’s the little things that make the big things possible.  Only close attention to the fine details of any operation makes the operation first class.”  ~ J. Willard Marriott (that goes for your walk with God as well as business)