Looking for a good book?

by | Apr 12, 2011

Thank goodness Bill will be home on Friday, this has been a long stretch of his being gone!  WOW!  Yesterday was a blustery, rainy day here in TN and from the looks of things across the Eastern half of the U.S. for the most part.  Days like that are incredible for Reading and enjoying the indoors.  I try to use those days to curl up with a good book so I thought today might be a good day to share some of my favorites with you!  I have a broad range of the types of books I enjoy, everything from self help to great romance/ mystery type novels. 

Captivating by John and Staci Elderidge is one of my absolute favorite Ladies Bible Studies!  It gave me a greater understanding of being made in the image of God and that image isn’t just a man.  It helped me understand better my feelings of sometimes feeling I am too much and other times I feel as though I am not enough.  Wild at Heart is also a great view of the other side, it is a book written for men by John Elderidge but it helps give a good understanding of how men think and feel.

Beth Moore has written some of the most incredible Bible Studies for women out there!  I just love her teaching.  This book is phenomenal!  I love it so much I am starting to read it over again today!  Trust me, I know I am not the only woman out there that has dealt with some serious insecurities.  We are in this thing together ladies!

I know Joel Osteen can be a bit of a controversy in some circles but Bill and I both have enjoyed this book immensly!  Joel has the gift of encouragement, I don’t believe in name it and claim it and I don’t believe that because you are a Christian all of your life will be “hunky dorey” but that isn’t really what he is saying here.  We all need to have encouragement at times to have the faith we need to allow God to work in our lives on a positive level and this book was great!

Lynette Eason is definitely one of my favorite Fiction authors!  Her books hold your attention from the first page straight through to the end.  Here’s a look at her book “Too Close To Home”:

Samantha Cash is the FBI’s secret weapon. Her methods are invisible, and she never stops til the case is closed. When missing teens begin turning up dead in a small Southern town, Samantha is assigned to help local Detective Connor Wolfe find the killer. And he has two problems with that. There’s her faith—in God and herself. And then there’s the fact that she looks exactly like his late wife. As they get close to an answer, the case becomes personal. The killer seems to be taking an interest in Connor’s sixteen-year-old daughter, who thinks her dad is getting way too protective. Can’t a girl just have some fun

I know this was a brief blog today, I will be sharing more tips and recipes I have found on my next blog this week, so keep an eye out for it!  Have a great and blessed day!

God Bless,

Janet Scott