Love is A Language Pretty Much Everyone Understands

by | Jan 17, 2023

1 John 3:18 Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.

The Apostle John spoke a lot about love, right down to describing himself as the disciple that Jesus loved.  We all desire to be loved, it is just a built-in need and some seem to have a deeper need and desire for it than others.  Let’s face it, if there is one type of communication that everyone in the world understands it is love!

If you aren’t sure how to reach that person you work with or your neighbor, or maybe an adult child of yours that is on the wrong path, they will understand and accept your love before they will any other type of input you may have.  We don’t have to love someone’s behavior in order to show the love of Christ! I am sure God doesn’t always love our behavior but He still loves us. If you ask Him and allow Him to, God will fill you with His love for others.  

If you are the one today that is hurting and feeling lost and alone and unloved, pour your heart out to Him and ask Him to help you see His love for you!  He can and will show you if you will just open your heart up to it!  There is no greater love than His.  You won’t find it in the bar, online, or by desperately seeking it!  One of the toughest battles we struggle with can be our desire for someone to love us, unfortunately, it can cause people to make desperate decisions.  Any decision you make out of desperation is probably not a good one, so be very careful!  

Take some time today to show the love of God to someone else!  Ask God to show you the people around you that could use a dose of His love today!  Strive to be known as someone who is loving and kind, someone who truly displays the love of God.  The world is a tough place full of hurting people, there can never be too much love spread around!

Quote: “We may not be able to do any great thing, but if each of us will do something, however small it may be, a good deal will be accomplished.”  D.L. Moody