Make Sure the Advice You Are Getting Is Of God

by | Apr 24, 2015

Esther 1:13-15
Then the king said to the wise men who knew the times (for this was the king’s procedure toward all who were versed in law and judgment, the men next to him being Carshena, Shethar, Admatha, Tarshish, Meres, Marsena, and Memucan, the seven princes of Persia and Media, who saw the king’s face, and sat first in the kingdom): “According to the law, what is to be done to Queen Vashti, because she has not performed the command of King Ahasuerus delivered by the eunuchs?”
Sometimes we are too close to our situation to make the right decision. Have you ever been in a position where you just couldn’t seem to make a decision that seemed right for your situation?

How do you handle it when you aren’t sure what to do. Your emotions can be telling you one thing, your pocket book another and all of your friends and family something totally different. Then what? It is so important to have godly people in your life that you can go to for godly input, people that are willing to pray with you and someone you know is in the word of God on a regular basis so God is speaking into their lives as well. I don’t just go to just anyone for advice and I know better than to seek out someone who will just tell me what I may want to hear, I have realized the trouble that can get you into, and I have finally realized in life that the best path is not always the one that appears to be the easiest. There are some things in life that in order to figure things out you may want to find a Life Coach that specializes in what you are facing.

I watch my children at times and know that they are too close to their situation to be able to see clearly and yet I also know that advice given coming from a parent has to be worded and prayed over in such a way that they can fully understand that it isn’t just “mom” advice. It’s like the old saying of “you can’t see the forrest for all of the trees.” I would encourage you today to be open to the advice of some godly people in your life. If you don’t feel as though you have someone like that right now I would encourage you to pray that God will clearly show you who that person is. Life is all about choices so it is important that we choose wisely.

It’s in the struggle itself that you define yourself. Pat Buchanan

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  1. Sarah Cady

    Thank you once again for this insightful devotion. I find church friends to be good at providing godly counsel.