Maybe You Need To “Lighten Up” a Bit Today

by | Oct 2, 2013

Job 8:21   He will yet fill your mouth with laughter, and your lips with shouting.

I know first hand how life can sometimes become overwhelming to the point where we seem to forget how to laugh.  Everything becomes serious every where you turn and it can begin to weigh heavy on your heart.  When we get to that point it is time to find a way to “lighten up”.

When life begins to weigh you down it is difficult to see God in your circumstances because you become so focused on the problems you miss hearing His voice and seeing His hand on your life.  If you are feeling that way today it is time to take a break and ask God to help you to lighten up a little and focus on HIm.

One day, while taking care of Joyce (Bill’s Mom) I knew I had to be in her apartment in order to help her.  She was really struggling for a few days so I wanted to be sure she was safe as well as cared for.  The one thing she and I had in common is a sense of humor and we spent the better half of the day laughing and she was giving me a “hard time” over things she thought I said.  It was one of her toughest conscious days and yet the two of us had a great time together laughing and working together to give her a great day!  I will hang on to the memory of that day over all of the difficult ones as a gift from God during our battles with everything that comes with cancer – it was a blessed day!

What are you facing that has you so weighed down that you just aren’t enjoying life right now?  Could I please suggest that you find something to laugh about even if you have to rent a funny movie!  Find a small child to hang out with, my grandchildren crack me up!  Lighten up and then spend some quality time with God and you will be amazed at how much more you will get out of your time with Him because you are not so weighed down with your problems!  God wants to fill your mouth with laughter, your heart with joy and your lips with shouting but you may have to be willing to lighten up a bit. I am praying today that God will give us all a sense of His presence, joy and love as we choose to focus on Him instead of our struggles.

Quote:  “Laughter is sunshine in any life.”  William Thackery