New Chocolate and God Site Coming

by | Nov 4, 2015

Janet Scott

Janet Scott


Behind the scenes we are working on a whole new site for Chocolate and God.  I’m excited to share with you that it will include a whole new section just for prayer requests.  You’ll be able to post your prayer requests and have others come and pray for you.  This will be a very high end, interactive prayer room.  This will help to build our community where we are able to walk with and encourage each other.

donate1Here is where you come in.  I’ll need your prayers as we begin to build this new site.  I also need your help financially in order to finish building the site.  The need is $1,000.  Once we are able to raise the $1,000 we’ll be able finish and launch this new site.  Perhaps there are ten ladies that might do a special $100 gift.  Whatever God places on your heart would be a blessing.

We have ladies in over 70 countries that use Chocolate and God on a regular basis.  There is no doubt we are growing and it’s because of your prayer and financial support.

You can now make a tax deductible gift and have your gifts go toward this project.  Lets launch this new site and prayer room so more ladies will be encouraged.

Thank you of your support.

Janet Scott