Obedience Must Come First

by | May 5, 2023

2 Samuel 21:14b And they did all that the king commanded.  And after that, God responded to the plea for the land.

There had been a famine in the land for three years and David went to the Lord to see what was wrong.  God told David that there was a problem from the days of Saul that had not been made right so David immediately set out to fix it.  After everything was done that God put on David’s heart to do, God responded to their plea for the land.  

So often we get frustrated because no matter how we pray we can’t seem to get a response from God to “fix” the problem.  Deep down inside we know that we have this little voice speaking to our hearts about something we need to change or take care of in our lives and we ignore it.  We try to bargain with God telling Him that we will take care of it and we will change, oh but please God take care of the problem I am facing right now.  Excuse me, but that would be like telling a child, “Once you get your room cleaned you can have a Popsicle” and the child expecting you to give them the Popsicle first because they said they will go clean it.  We all know that if we give the Popsicle first that the odds of the room getting cleaned drop dramatically, it just doesn’t work that way and it doesn’t work that way with God either.  Obedience must come first!

Now, not every trial and problem you face in life has to do with a lack of obedience or the idea that there is something wrong.  A lot of “life” that we face is there partly because we live in a world where sin does exist and things go wrong and sometimes things are allowed in our lives to grow us up.  If we are whining and fussing and refusing to give it to God and allow Him to get us through, we often may face the same struggle over and over until we grow to the point of allowing Him to.  Don’t settle for where you are, look at your challenges as an opportunity to grow into all you can be for Him!

Whatever you are facing today, know that God does care, He hasn’t forgotten or overlooked you.  Ask Him to show you if there is something you need to “fix” yourself in your life that you have been ignoring and ask Him to give you the strength you need for all that you are facing and for Him to grow you into all you can be for Him.  It could be that there is healing going on and it just isn’t time to move forward yet.  Whatever the case may be trust Him that it is right and that the best is yet to come!

Quote: “Do what you can with what you have, where you are.”  Theodore Roosevelt


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