Official Launch of Our New Podcast – Reality At Home

by | Sep 1, 2014

image001-2Today is the official launch of Reality At Home, a weekly podcast that Bill and I will be doing.  You’ll be amazed at the guests that are going to join us.  It’s all about building a better family.  Behind close doors things can be a challenge at most homes.  Lets talk about those challenges and learn to get victory for our families.

Our first podcast is ready to roll.  You can listen at iTunes and subscribe to receive it if you CLICK HERE.  You can listen on your computer or phone by CLICKING HERE.

A HUGE FAVOR LADIES.  Please go to iTunes by CLICKING HERE and leave a REVIEW.  Why do we ask this?  Because once 25 or more do so, iTunes places the podcast in their New and Noteworthy second.  That helps a lot of families who are hurting to find this podcast.  The review process takes two minutes.  You can see from the picture below how to do it.

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 10.17.38 PM


The SECOND FAVOR is please share this with others.  So many families are hurting.  Together we can give them encouragement.

Below is what our first podcast is about.  We would love to have you listen and get your feedback. Everyone Monday a new podcast will be waiting on you.


episode 01 listen


  • 09/02:  Getting Real At Home (5 tips for your marriage) – Bill and Janet Scott
  • 09/08:   How To Be The Good Husband – Randy Zachary
  • 09/15:  Growing Up Social  (How to help your kids deal with technology) – Arlene Pellicane
  • 09/22:  Boundaries (How to protect your marriage) – Bill and Janet Scott
  • 10/06:  The Smart Step Family – Ron L Deal
  • 10-13:  Why Being An Imperfect Parent Is WAY MORE FUN! – Dr. Joshua Straub
  • 10/20:  The Perfect Marriage – Mark and Nance Giles
  • 10/27:  Halloween (The Day Satan Called) – Bill and Janet Scott

Other guests include Dr. Aaron Tabor who is often seen on QVC for his diets and skin care.  Dr. Greg Smalley and others will join us weekly.  Thank you ladies for helping us launch today with a listen, review on iTunes and sharing about the podcast.

God bless,