One Word From Him Can Change It All!

by | Jan 30, 2024

Psalm 33:6-9,  “By the word of The Lord the heavens were made, and their whole host by a breath from His mouth.  He collects the sea waters together in a heap; he puts the deeps in storehouses.  Let all living in the world stand in awe of Him.  For He spoke, and there it was; He commanded, and there it stood.” (TCJSB)

Just take a minute and think about that, I mean let it fully sink into your heart and mind. That’s our God!  He spoke….!  What is going on in your life or someone you care about that you need to remind yourself of that very thing….. He spoke!! It only takes a word from Him.

Are you seeking Him with your whole heart?  You may be on a mountaintop and life is going great and that is fantastic, let’s face it those are the seasons of life that we all enjoy the most ~ seek Him with your whole heart! Those are the best times to pour into knowing Him more and to share His love and blessings with others.  We all know that it is our human tendency to grow the most when we are in the valleys of life so why do we wait for that to happen?  Why not pursue Him as much when life is good and not wait for some tragedy to come?  If you are in, not just a valley, but it feels more like the “pit of despair” then I would guess you are already pouring your heart out to Him and doing your best to find His answers for your situation.  Keep going and seek His face.  Valleys are a time of growing and learning, so ask Him what you need to learn and for the strength to get to the other side.  Sometimes it can even just be that we have to learn to persevere and to not look to what others may think, but to what His word says.  Our lives need to reflect who our God is because there’s a lost and dying world all around us that desperately needs Him.  

Those verses ought to leave us in just total awe of Him!  They should drive us to trust Him more.  Nothing is too difficult for Him.  He is not a long way off, He is by your side for the good, the bad, and the ugly days.  He wants you to walk with Him.  Think for a moment what it is like to walk down the sidewalk in the city, there are a lot of people walking by your side, but you aren’t walking “with” them!  Jesus is right by your side, walking along and He is inviting you to walk “with” Him!  He loves you so much and His desire is to show you His dreams and plans for your life!  What are they?  The only way to know is to spend more time with Him in His Word and in prayer.  During those times make sure you are allowing Him to speak to your heart, to show you verses as you read, and to guide you into what may need to change in your life so you can become all He created you to be.  He loves you so much and He wants to show you amazing things.  He wants you to truly get to know Him and His love and plan for your life.

Remember today who He is!  Seek Him with your whole heart ~ don’t hold anything back.  Make sure He is first place in your heart and life and then you can truly know that His best is yet to come!