Over This Wednesday at 3:00PM Eastern Time

by | Jun 15, 2015

Janet Scott

Janet Scott

Thank you to the ladies that have joined with me on this project.  We have a little over two days to go in order to hit the goal of $12,000.  Your credit card will only be charged if this goal is met.  We still have a ways to go and to be honest it would take a miracle to see this hit.

My heart is to see if there are more women that can be reached with the love of Christ through this new book.  As you know my goal has been to encourage women over the last five years.  This new daily devotional will enable the message to reach more women.  The sale of the book will provide an income for Chocolate and God.

Would you pray about joining me on this project?  As you know you are not buying a book, you are reaching out to other ladies when you join our outreach team.  Honestly, this is going to take 20 people at $500, maybe a few folks at the leadership level of $1,000 and everyone else just doing something.  Again, no card will be charged if we fall short of the goal of $12,000 to publish the book.

Thank you for praying about being involved.  Time is short in order to hit this goal.  Thank you so much for prayers.  To learn more, watch my video and see where to give…JUST CLICK HERE.  What could God do if just 30 ladies joined with Chocolate and God by Wednesday?

God bless,

Janet Scott