Please Join Me November 1-3

by | Aug 29, 2016

Battle has just begun


I have really felt impressed on by God to create an event for the first 3 days of November and would love for you to participate if you feel led to.  Election Day is November 8th, 2016 and I fully believe that we are in serious need of Christians coming together in prayer for our country and this election!

Let’s take 3 days (November 1-3)  to pray for this election and our Country! These are serious times and we need to go boldly to God’s throne and plead to keep our freedoms and our democracy in this land! We need God’s mercy and grace and we need to pray that He will have His hand on this election. This is not a time or place to argue politics, this is strictly set for people to pray that God will move in our land and will bring about the results we need in this years election! Let’s all ask God to create the change in each of us individually also to be who we need to be for Him to create the change that needs to come about in our country as well!

You can fast whatever you feel led to fast, you may feel led to fast all food, or maybe you feel led to fast your electronics or maybe Chocolate or Soda. You do what you feel led to do for your fast, but commit to praying wholeheartedly to God for the upcoming election! If you feel led, please share this event with everyone you know as well as your pastor at your church! Let’s do our best to get millions of Christians across the country and around the world praying and fasting for this very important election and revival in this land!

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God Bless,
Janet Scott
[email protected]