The Greatest Of These




A 90-Day Devotional by ~ Janet Scott

I have always longed for more faith! As a child, I can remember looking at the hill out beyond our fields on our little farm one day and focusing on and trying to get it to move! I took the verses literally about moving mountains if you just had faith the size of a mustard seed. I have to admit I was a bit discouraged for a few years after that, thinking that I must not have had any faith at all since I couldn’t even move a small hill! I was greatly disturbed that it didn’t move an inch! As I grew in my faith and maturity, I realized that there were many mountains in my life that needed moving and the only one who could move them was God. I began to understand that there was a lot more to faith than wanting to move a hill for no apparent reason! There’s more to faith than just sitting down and trying to somehow magically move things or beg God until He sees things our way and does what we think He should do! There’s a relationship, there’s a walk of learning to trust and it is all within your reach but you must take the time to get to know Him. Learn about His love for you! Seek Him with your whole heart so He can fill you with His Hope and your faith will follow! I would love to have you join me on this 90-day journey to grow your Love, Hope, and Faith in Him!


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