Seek the Lord and His Strength

by | Aug 16, 2018

Psalm 105: 4
Seek the Lord and his strength; seek his presence continually!

Are you needing some extra strength today? I know I can use some extra “strength” no matter where I am in life, whether things are good or bad, I would never turn away some extra strength to do whatever it is I need to do! I say those words and really I don’t take them lightly because I am also one who is not real crazy about accepting help. Funny as it may seem for some reason I can be overwhelmingly bullheaded about receiving help with silly things. I am not so much that way with big things, just stupid little things, for example; stay out of my kitchen! I seriously used to be that way, and I fight it to this day, what on earth is wrong with me? I really have had to fight to allow people to help me when I am fixing a meal, now they can load the dishwasher all they want, (I will probably rearrange it and certainly don’t unload it) but I have fought for years some crazy idea that they were seriously invading my space in my kitchen, it probably comes from being a single mom for so long I just want everyone out of my way so I can get it all done, who knows, but the point is; I will always take the extra strength just maybe not always help in my kitchen. Silly

What are you doing today? Do you have children? Have you done the “happy dance” today because they are back in school? Are you homeschooling and getting started with another year of planning? Are you maybe somewhere where those things seem small because you are struggling to survive? Where’s your marriage today, how about your finances, seriously; how is your walk with God? Wherever you are today let me encourage you to seek God and His strength, seek His presence continually!

If you are putting your children back in school today or sometime soon, what are you going to do with the “little bit” of extra time during the day? Could you squeeze a little more time in for God? Maybe there’s a Bible Study you could join at your church, maybe you could ask if there’s something you could do to help out at your church or maybe there’s someone in the church who could really use someone to reach out to them! Maybe you spend more time in prayer for those around the world who need us to intercede in prayer for them!

If you are working outside the home or homeschooling and trying to get your kids back into the routine and dreading all of the homework etc. that comes with the school year and the craziness that it adds to your schedule, please allow me to encourage you to not neglect your time with Him! Make sure that you are seeking God in all you do. Ask Him for the strength to do what you need to do with all of the extras that will be thrown at you with this new school year.

If you are just plain struggling in life and feel like the waves of doubt and frustration are just drowning you, seek Him! Ask Him for the strength you need to face another day! Deuteronomy 4:29 says, “But from there you will seek the Lord your God, and you will find Him if you seek Him with all your heart and with all your soul.” Don’t be stubborn like I can be at times trying to go it alone, seek God and His strength, accept any help He may send your way! Rest in Him as He guides you through to a new day! God wants to be sought out! He wants to be special in your life! Don’t waste another day going it alone and trying to make it in your own strength, seek Him and He will give you His strength for the journey you face.

“It is always darkest before the dawn”

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