So, I Have Cleared My Schedule ~ Now What?

by | May 17, 2014

2 Samuel 2:1a After this David inquired of the Lord….. Over and over one day as I was having my devotions I kept seeing those words, “after this David inquired of the Lord…..”

No matter what came his way, the response was the same, David inquired of the Lord. So, now that I decided to clear my schedule that was overwhelming me yesterday and the day before etc., now what (?) I asked myself this morning! Before I go any further let me tell you that I seriously had my schedule broken down in 30 minute increments trying to write, study, Spring clean my house,(ummm yeah, you don’t deep clean a house in a day if there are other things in your schedule) keep up with Abby and her school and homeschool Ryan who is in 10th grade, make meals, grocery shop, take dry cleaning to the cleaners, figure out taxes, keep up with Bill and what is going on, oh yeah don’t forget shower and get dressed and take care of the dogs ~ oops, I forgot to mention the laundry, there is always laundry! That was all in one day and I am sure I missed something there, don’t laugh, you can relate you do the same thing sometimes don’t you girl?!

So, back to this morning….. I asked God to tell me how to figure this all out because there aren’t enough hours in a day to do what I was expecting myself to do…. you do the same thing at times don’t you! God showed me that the problem with my schedule was this: I was deciding what my schedule needed to be each day based on what I could see needed to be done. That seems harmless in itself but when you can allow yourself to be so consumed with “what needs to be done” that you are leaving yourself feeling at the end of the day like you have failed because there was no way to accomplish all that you set before yourself to do, there’s a problem.  We need to allow God to show us what “needs” to be done!

Let’s determine today that no matter what seems most important to us to get done ladies in our schedules that we will do as David did and “inquire of the Lord” first. Allow Him to set our schedules based on His priorities in our lives so we can truly be more affective for Him, nothing else truly matters. Focus on God and you will be able to have peace about your schedule. We tend to think that everything needs to be done right now and that is not realistic. My prayer today is that God will help each of us determine to set our schedules based on His priorities for our lives so we can be the best we can be for Him and then together we will all truly accomplish more!

Quote: “Regardless of your lot in life, you can build something beautiful on it.” Zig Ziglar