Someone Is Following You

by | Apr 5, 2014

Joshua 14:8   But my brothers who went up with me made the heart of the people melt; yet I wholly followed the Lord my God.

So girl, which one are you?  Are you the one who says “we can do this, God is leading us to follow Him, let’s go”?  Or are you the one saying, “do you know how much work that is going to be” or “we will never be able to do that”?

Caleb inherited the land God promised and the others who dragged the people down and discouraged them from doing what God told them to do wandered in the desert for the rest of their lives!  Who here enjoys those “wilderness” times in our lives, where you feel as though all you are doing is existing but never really see the blessing of God?  I don’t!  I want God’s full blessing on my life and I want to learn to be the one saying like Caleb did, “let’s go!  We can do this with God’s help and leading!”

Whether or not you think so, you have a great influence in someone else’s life!  We all do and there are some who are just watching to see what you are going to do.  God has a plan for each and everyone of His children, you are not exempt.  We all play different roles in His plan but what we do and don’t do always affects others!  Remember Jonah?  He didn’t think his running from God and God’s plan would affect anyone, he just figured God could send someone else to Nineveh and it affected people he didn’t even know.  There were people on that ship losing everything because they had to throw it overboard because of Jonah and his decision.

God has given us a free will and that free will affects all of those around us all the time.  It is your choice today whether or not you will have a good and positive attitude about this day or a grumpy, negative attitude about all that God has called you to do and trust me which ever one you choose it will affect those around you.  It’s like that old saying, “if Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!”

Ask God today to help you to be an encourager and a motivator for others to do His will!  If there’s something you are unsure about when it comes to a decision or God’s will, ask Him and seek godly counsel but don’t allow the negative keep you from God’s best for your life and those around you!

Quote:   “Happiness is a choice, not an automatic response.”  Mildred Barthel