Striving For Godly Graciousness

by | Jul 6, 2016

Please take a moment and share your prayer requests with us today and let’s all really take this time for praying for others seriously and take all of these requests to God today:  CLICK HERE


Proverbs 11:16a
A gracious woman gets honor.

So, are you truly gracious? Let’s first take a look at the definition: “Characterized by kindness and warm courtesy. Characterized by tact and propriety.; example – responded to the insult with gracious humor.” Hmmmm, well my sister Jean and I have had this conversation about our Mom because that is truly the way our Mom was and we both wish we were more like her! She was in a Nursing home and everyone loved her because no matter what my Mom was going through she was so kind and gracious. She was always the most genuinely sweet, gracious woman I know. She was never fake, her graciousness came from her godly heart!

Have you ever wondered what kind of ‘old woman’ you will be? Are you going to be one of those who says whatever comes to your mind because you can because you are old or will you be kind and gracious to those who have to care for you? A good way to figure that out is to think about what kind of woman you are today. Are you genuinely kind or do you fake it? Sorry, but woman to woman; we can all spot fake graciousness and kindness a mile away. In fact I would rather someone spoke their mind than to fake being kind to me or just ignore me all together if you must but don’t insult me by being fake. I think most of us feel that way but as women of God we should make it a goal to be characterized by kindness, warm courtesy, tact and propriety. Godly character should ooze from us because our hearts are filled with Him!

Graciousness is an issue of the heart. Now, let’s face it; there are times it is appropriate and necessary to speak your mind and stand up for what is right and there are times that isn’t kind but we can find ways to do it with tact and propriety. Choose your words carefully and be sure to maintain your godly character in those situations. Don’t feel it is necessary to confront every situation and person that comes your way, pray and ask God for His timing and words for those situations. Godly women are called to stand firmly for the things of God but it does no good if we do it in a way that isn’t pleasing to God!

I would like to challenge each of us today to ask God to show us areas that we need to be more gracious in. Ask Him to show you any areas of your heart that you need to give to Him so His character can shine through you. Let’s all work together to make a difference by being examples of godly character and graciousness.

“A happy person is not a person in a certain set of circumstances, but rather a person with a certain set of attitudes.” Hugh Downs