Thankfulness Will Increase Your Faith As You Remember All He Has Done

by | Feb 7, 2014

Psalm 50:23  The one who offers thanksgiving as his sacrifice glorifies me; to one who orders his way rightly I will show the salvation of God!

Are you thankful to God for anything this morning?  The best thing we can do for ourselves on any given day whether we are struggling or we are on the mountain top is to praise God for all He is, all He has done and all He is going to do!  God needs nothing from us, He owns it all but He loves our gratitude, He loves for us to acknowledge Him!

Don’t wait for Thanksgiving to roll around begin each and every morning with a prayer to God thanking Him for who He is and praising Him.  You will find there’s no better way to improve your faith and your walk with Him if you begin your days that way.  He is more than deserving of our praise and gratitude! He is amazing!  Your love for Him will grow as you remind yourself every day of who He is!

We wonder at times what is wrong with the next generation, well it is the generation that raised them.  Over and over we read in the Bible that we are to teach them all that God has done and continuously remind them of who God is and of all His commands, all He has done and all He will do in our children’s lives if they follow them with their whole hearts.  Remind them of His promises but don’t forget to remind them to be grateful on a daily basis as well.  It seems that this becomes less and less important to people as the years continue and yet when you look around at the world that is what we are lacking!

God is an amazing God and He loves you and wants you to know Him and love Him for who He is to the point where you can’t help but praise Him and be thankful.

A sacrifice of thanksgiving and praise would be taking the time when you are struggling the most and feel like it the least but you do it anyhow.  God knows once you start thanking Him for what He has done in the past and for who He is your faith will get you to the other side of where you are!  Take the time today to thank Him and praise Him for all He has done, sit down and make a list of all you have seen Him do in your life and the lives of those around you, thank Him for all He is and all He is going to do in your life!

Quote:  “Look at everything as though you are seeing if for the first time, with eyes of a child, fresh with wonder.”  Joseph Cornell



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