This Saturday We Can Make A Difference

by | Jun 13, 2015

Janet Scott

Janet Scott

Thank you ladies for helping me with this book.  True we still have a ways to go with only 6 days left but know how grateful I am for those of you that have stood with me so far.  Ladies, perhaps this is the first time you are reading about this.  For almost 5 years I’ve been writing Chocolate and God for women.  I’ve never asked for anything but your prayerful support.  I really think this new book will help encourage many more women in the Lord..  The new book is 365 Daily Devotionals for Women with 52 Killer Chocolate Recipes.

Would you consider giving to this outreach today?  You are not buying a book or another gift, you are joining a team of women who are trying to reach other women for Christ.

CLICK HERE to read more or to give a gift today.  Can I just ask one person who might consider a leadership gift of $1,000 today?  Every gift will help.  Again, just CLICK HERE to join the team and to watch my video.  Right now we are sitting at $1005 towards the $`12,000 goal by this Thursday.  This is an all or nothing goal, no card will be charged if we don’t get 100 percent of the goal.  I know it looks almost impossible to raise another $11,000 but I really believe this can happen.