Time to Laugh!!

by | Apr 27, 2019

Job 8:21
He will yet fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy.


Sometimes we all just need a good laugh and I am sure at the point Job was at he could have used something to smile about after losing everything!  God’s promises are so amazing and this one just proves to me that He cares about every detail of your life!  I have had days where I have just needed something to make me laugh to the point that if I had to I would find a comedy that I knew would do the trick.  

Laughter is important even medical doctors will tell you that the best thing a person can do is find something to laugh about!  My parents always use to tell me that they figured God gave me to them because I always made everyone laugh when I was little. In fact, it has carried over so far that I can be telling my older sisters things to this day that are very serious and they laugh over the craziest things.  Mind you though, I did grow up in a family where we laughed over EVERYTHING.  Bill has had to come to terms with that because he grew up in a much more serious family so I can be a bit of a challenge to him at times when it comes to laughter.  

One day we were hanging a huge clock up high on a wall in our living room (the ceilings are 20 ft, don’t ever do that they are just too high it’s not a good idea) and he was measuring and had to bring out the BIG ladder while I stood on my tippy toes to hand him the clock.  It was a crazy process and he was really getting perturbed with how difficult the task was becoming, you know how it goes…. You get all the way up there and realize your hooks to hang it are in the kitchen and then you set the hammer down too low so your wife has to climb to get it and it just keeps going like that over what you thought was going to be a simple task.  Finally, after all of that, I handed him the clock and he hung it on the hooks as he breathed a sigh of relief. Then he made the mistake of asking me if it looked ok and somehow I just couldn’t resist as I said, “I think it needs to go a little to the left”.  And then I ran!  I don’t think I had seen him move so fast coming down that ladder!  I was laughing so hard I was about crying and of course by that point so was he!  He knew I was kidding when I said it but it sure lightened the mood in the room.

God cares about the struggles you are going through enough to want you to know that you will laugh again.  He promises to deliver you from whatever heartache you are bearing or stress you are trying to deal with and it doesn’t stop there, He wants to see you laugh again.  

One of my favorite verses other than this one is the verse in Psalm 4:8 that says, “I will both lay me down in peace and sleep for thou Lord only makest me dwell in safety.”God wants you to be able to rest and he wants to see you laugh.  I would encourage you to find a good movie or book that will help lighten your day.  I personally love Patsy Clairmont especially the recording of her talk on “God Uses Cracked Pots and I’m the Visual Aide.”  Claim God’s blessing on your life today and try to find a way to laugh a little!

Quote:  “Regardless of your lot in life, you can build something beautiful on it.”  Zig Ziglar

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